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captioning services >> trace: the defense rests at the casey anthony trial and the accused child killer herself never took the stand. tonight, why didn't casey testify? and what we heard from the woman who claimed she was george anthony's secret lover. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. the"the fox report" starts now. >> did you develop a relationship with mr. anthony? >> yes, sir, i did. >> was it an intimate relationship? >> yes. >> and what she says casey's dad confessed about his granddaughter's death. >> he had said it was an accident that snow balled out of control. >> trace: tonight, bombshells in court at the casey anthony trial. an attack on the president of france, and security teams jump into action. plus, some planes are delayed by bad weather or mechanical problems, others, by a turtle invasion. >> american 1,009, there is a report of a turtle on the runway. >> i thought that was really funny. >> tonight, shell shock at the airport. and first from fox report tonight, if there is one person in all the world who really knows what happened to little caylee anthony, it's
report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> trace: congressman anthony weiner cries and says is he lying to all of us about what he was really doing on the internet. now a top democrat is calling out the congressman. plus, the battle over abortion funding and planned parenthood goes to court. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. "the fox report" starts now. >> indiana has spoken. the people of indiana have spoken. >> we expect indiana will comply with the federal law. >> trace: tonight, the state vs. the feds in a fight over whether to cut off the cash. uncontained and out of control. one of the largest wildfires in arizona's history scorching land and threatening homes. tonight, a look at the thousands of firefighters who are putting their lives on the line right now. plus, disaster. >> oh my god. >> inflatable ride caught in the wind with children trapped inside. but, first from fox this monday night. the stunning confession from congressman anthony weiner, he now can say with certitude that was a picture of him in his underwear. and he di
your work. [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. >>trace: this is "studio b" with box one, the italian prime minister, silvio berlusconi reportedly still hosting bunga-bunga parties despite being on trial for having sex with underage prostitutes. the details are ahead. in box two, new testimony in the casey anthony murder trial. one scientists tells why he jumped back when he smelled the odor from the trunk of her car. and box three, researchers getting dramatic results from two new drugs in the fight against the most deadly skin cancer. that is always ahead unless breaking news changes everything. but first from fox at 3:00 reports of more blood on the streets of yemen as the nation plunges further into chaos. the president has left the country amid a fierce uprising that began early this year and went to saudi arabia for medical treatment after reportedly suffering chest wounds on friday in a rocket attack on his compound. his departure triggered massive celebrations in the capital but it is not clear what happens next. the president is reportedly vowing to return. and t
is a genealogy. he traced his family all the way back to the times when they moved from spain to a region of france. that's where his family came from as peasants in 1850. and for generations, his family members had been going back to this place to visit their distant cousins. they knew exactly where it was. i was thinking that was a year after my irish american family came here. why don't my irish american family know this information. i want to try to find out what it is. i didn't know at that time what i was undertaking. i heard it said with irish american it's not genealogy it's archaeology. i found out about that later. it's exciting to hear the nuts and bolts experience of discovery. and at the same time i know i heard from both of you that a very spiritual and unmeasurable experience happens of people come alive in the histories of your family's lives. i was wondering if you could bring alive for the audience the individuals or characters of your family's history and also if you can both reflect on this point that daniel's making of the importance in going to the lands and seeing w
point. tracee wilkins is live with more on what happened. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: haines point is shut down. know if this is where you come to work out in the morning, used to bike riding or running through the park, they have it closed as they continue their investigation here. this actually happened just up the way from where this fence is at parking lot 10. 1:00 a.m., park police were closing the park when they encountered a man sitting inside his vehicle. police say he immediately became confrontational and was bran dishing a weapon. police fired, shooting the suspect. he survived. at this point there's still lots of questions. why was this man inside the park? police say he was there by himself. why did he have a weapon? all of these questions will be part of the investigation. tracee wilkins live at haines point. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thanks very much. >>> congressman anthony weiner's political future is in question. calls for an ethics investigation after he knitted he took sexually suggestive pictures and sent them online to a women. kimberly s
fatalities in upperco, details after the break. >> win a -- write a jingle and win a trip. traced,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 6:30 and a very steamy start. it has become a busy one. sharon will have those right after marty's first warning weather. >>> it as almost 80 degrees right now. we're finally starting to see a bit of a light shower on the southwest side of ballet bea. we now have a shower across the mason-dixon line near camp david. look at the day part. it's just a steady chance, almost an existing probability of a passing shower, thundershower, especially 80. 89 on its way to a high of low 90s. no watches, warnings and advisories yet. that may change in 12 hours. >>> here's sharon gibala. >>> a little bit of good news. the biggest problem in upperco is gone. so that is clear and all lanes are open. we have this accident on 95 just past the belt way on the north side. watch for an accident in the city at bayard. starting to see minor delays with the average speed 50 miles an hour. this is south of the beltway. those are the northbound lanes and they are a little bit sluggi
on delafield place in northwest washington. news 4's tracee wilkins joins us live from the scene with the latest. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police are working the investigation on the scene. i want to show you this apartment building. this is where detectives have been focusing their investigation for most of the morning walking in and out of this apartment building. out here on the street to the right, we understand this is most likely where the victim was shot in this incident, and then possibly at some point made his way there into that apartment. here's what we know so far. around 1:00 this morning, d.c. police received a call from multiple shots fired here in the 300 block of delafield place northwest. they got here, found this man who had been shot where he died. police are still looking for suspects and also a motive in this case. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in northwest. back to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. >>> police are looking at whether a longstanding fight between neighbors is the reason behind this suspicious fire in princ
4's tracee wilkins is on rockville pike at boo avenue to check out conditions. good morning, tracee, what's it look like right there? >> reporter: good morning, joe. we're paying attention waiting for the backups to happen. traffic is flowing very well right now. montgomery county police are telling us right now that this is the place to be. rockville pike will be impacted the worst by what's happening here with these traffic signals. let me show you what they're talking about. these lights you see here now are all green. normally during rush hour the lights are favoring traffic heading into the district, and they stay green a little bit longer to allow more traffic to flow through. they're saying that, because of last night's storms, these lights are now out of sync. so that could mean two things. first of all, you may be at some of these traffic lights a little longer than you're used to, and also you may be at some lights for a shorter period of time and then move to the next light and be there for a little bit longer. they are out of sync because of the storms. it's not just her
heights. news 4's tracee wilkins is live at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. the peaceaholics say they have brokered peace in columbia heights before and lacked the resources to do it again. they're saying that's part of the reason this shooting happened over the weekend. they're saying this was a shootout between two long-standing rival groups there in the columbia heights neighborhood. they're saying at one point they were receiving support from the city through money and also just general support, but when that began to fall apart, so did their efforts there in that community. as a result, robert foster jr. of northwest d.c. was shot and killed during saturday's caribbean festival in columbia heights. police say he was an innocent bystander. he was one of four people shot during what police describe as an exchange of gunfire between at least two people. according to ward one councilman jim graham, one of the victims and also a possible shooter in all of this, at least one of the shooters, was the intend
of dellafield place, just a few blocks from sherman circle. news 4's tracee wilkins is on scene and joins us with the details. >> reporter: good morning. police are investigating exactly what happened here. there inside that apartment there, that looks like where police are focusing their investigation. it appears some kind of damage has been done to that door. we don't know exactly what and if that plays a part in this investigation, but that is where detectives are working right now. here's what we know so far. they tell us that around 1:05 a.m. this morning multiple shots were fired here in the 300 block of dellafield place. police responded to find one man who was shot here. he was transported to the hospital, and that's where he tied. we're told he's in his 30s. police are still investigating exactly what happened hereme. we don't know if he was killed inside or outside this apartment. i'm tracee wilkins live in northwest. back to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. >> we were talking a h
raised tonight after trace amounts of a chemical suspected to cause cancer was found in the local ground water. it seeped into ground water from a contaminated recycled water used in an irrigation project in san jose. george is live tonight where that contaminated water was found. >> the water district says not to worry, the water is safe to drink and the cancer causing chemical in question was found in very small amounts. laboratory tests have shown the chemical ndma causes liver tumors in rats. it was once used as rocket fuel and now traces of the chemical were found in the ground water in south san jose. >> this is not for drinking, absolutely not. >> recycled water will not be coming through the pipes tonight? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: recycled water, not drinking water, was used during the irrigation project on this property in south san jose. the study looked at what could be filtered through the soil and found traces of the chemical. but nowhere near the danger level. >> i think it exists every place. >> reporter: neighbors appreciate the water district for letting them know
. tracee wilkins is live with more on these changes. >> reporter: drivers heading eastbound on the dulles toll road. you see those brake lights kind of heading down there. you see people kind of braking. they're getting used to the new configuration. we're going to tell you all about it. this is for folks heading toward the beltway and 66. this morning there is a new configuration after the toll plaza. eastbound lanes will be decreasing from six to five. the idea is to get drivers to commit to a lane faster and hopefully cause less confusion and also congestion. this is a modification to the temporary lane setup that has been in place since the hot lanes construction began. folks using ez pass in the far left hand lanes had to quickly jump several lanes over to the right to hit the beltway ramps. and drivers on the right who wanted to get to 66 had to jump several lanes over to the left, and it was just a complete mess. now vdot is closing the far left lane, reducing lanes from six to five. the two left lanes will now head to eastbound 66. the one center lane is for i-495 north, and the t
forest. trace, what was with the case, trace? >>trace: he was driving on a closed logging road and the belief is he may have been trying to lure the cops in because the closer deputies got, he turned around and opened fire. the deputies shot back, and he abandoned his jeep and fled into the woods. when they checked out the jeep, they found it loaded down with ammunition and they believe his jeep up in the woods may also is be loaded with ammunition and he could be readying for battle. the f.b.i., the national guard, local police, and local deputies, now, up in the woods looking for him but this is the national forest, 3,000 square miles of territory. a lot of land to cover. >>shepard: i never heard of this guy but he has made remarkable lets in the past. >>trace: yes, he has threated to assassinate politicians, judges, police officers, and he threatened to go to war with the national guard and said that he would overthrow the government, if need be. you should note that he has been diagnosed with paranoid psychosis. here is the foam sheriff of the county. >> he has made trips t
in hillcrest house. let's go right to tracee wilkins for the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. i spoke with prince george's county police they are saying this is officially a death investigation, a suspicious death investigation. they're saying they found the body of an adult female and also an infant. but that's all that they are confirming at this point. you take a look and that is the crime scene they have taped off as part of this investigation. while police are not identifying the victims in this case. last night a woman who claimed to be the mother of the victim tpaeufs this information. she tells us police discovered the bodies of her daughter and her nearly 12-month-old granddaughter jalen wright. police, again, are not confirming the bodies here are the wrights. police say an adult female body was found here at the tree line. the infant's body found in had saturn suv. wright's mother tells us she last saw her daughter on monday. she said her daughter got a call from the child's father and the two were meeting here at this park. they had a child custody he
. this happened in the 1300 block of levis street in northeast washington. tracee wilkins is live with more on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning, joe. this man was discovered at 6:00 p.m. yesterday. police are still here on the scene. they're still working inside of that row house where the man was found. we're told the victim is a 61-year-old man. neighbors say he lived inside of this home for years. this row house is now the center of this murder investigation. police are calling this a homicide. a police source tells news 4 the man was found dead inside of his home with his head wrapped in duct tape. police have not revealed the manner of death here. at this point, there's no report of any gun or knife being used in this case of murder. we don't know if anyone else lived inside of this home. no information on if there was forced entry either. still a lot of unanswered questions. another important point. neighbors are telling us they heard this man was beaten just a few days ago inside this house. we don't know by whom or what part any of this is going to play in this investiga
and authorities are on the scene and a number of schools have been locked down. we will get to trace with further details on this and pictures from the scene. again, a horrifying morning in and around yuma, arizona, where five are confirmed dead and another wounded. another day of tension testimony in the first-degree murder trial of casey anthony. prosecutors played recordings to the jury of detectives interviewing the florida mother in the weeks after her daughter had "disappeared." in the recordings investigators gave her two choices after she continued to claim she had in idea where her daughter was. listen. >> this is the honest to god's truth, everyone i said, i do in the know where she is, the last person i saw her with is the nanny. >> and thousand we -- there are two possibilities, you gave her to someone and you don't want us to know or something happened to her and she is buried somewhere and you have had to do with it. either is not a pretty picture. >>shepard: the defense admits that the nanny never existed and they admit that casey haslied a life of lies but they claim the mother, w
experts testify they found traces of chloroform in her trunk and they say it is a schedule associated with decomposition and it can be used to sedate someone. and now, over to phil from the courthouse. the jury has heard a lot about chloroform already, right? >> three summers ago the detectives confiscated all accessible electronics to casey anthony including the desk top and laptop and at the parents' house this is where they are talking about premade station murder, internet searches of the term "chloroform" on march 17 and march 21 in 2008. somebody on the desk top computer in the anthony home google of chloroform and looked for "alcohol," "self-defense," and "internal bleeding," where, according to investigators, the following address was then typed into the computer. and cindy anthony did not establish a page until june or july of 2008 and the sevens were done in march and only casey anthony had the page on my space. >>shepard: and there was testimony over her cell phone? >>reporter: they heard more importantly what was not found in casey anthony's cell phone. the
seen since monday. tracee wilkins is live on the scene. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: two sides to this investigation. it is still unfolding. we have official information from the prince george's county police and information from the mother who is claiming she is the mother of the victim here in this incident. prince george's county police are only saying that the bodies of an adult demale were found here. they tell us police discovered the bodies -- she tells us police discovered the body of her wright, and her nearly 12-month-old daughter jalen wright. they had been looking for the mother and daughter since monday but police are not confirming that the bodies were found here that they belong to the wrights. the adult female's body was found near the tree line and the infant's body was found inside this saturn suv that was towed from the parking lot at southern avenue and 23rd parkway in temple headlines. wright's mother tells us she last saw her daughter monday. she says she got a call from her child's father saying he wanted to meet with her. the two had a custody hearing t
right to tracee wilkins. tracee, what's happening? >> reporter: let me show you what's happening behind me. this is a tractor-trailer, and it is dangling over the offramp from 295 to east capital street. they have a tow truck trying to secure this tractor trailer so they can pull it out. take a look here at the tractor-trailer. it's here at ames street northeast. the driver tried to back up, make a u-turn, and leave, but you can see he's got a lot weight there in the trailer, and it pulled the tractor-trailer down. the good news is it didn't go all the way onto the off-ramp. they closed the off-ramp from 295 into east capital street. take a look and see the back end. this is it still a dangerous situation. it still could go down onto the off-ramp. they've closed the off-ramp for now. they have a tow truck down there and are going to have a tow truck up here as well to figure out which way to pull the truck and get it out of here and get it out of danger. for now, know if you normally take the east capital off-ramp from 295, they do have it close the until they can get the tractor-traile
. what happened today? the trace of rain at the airport, nothing measured at the inner harbor. the high is 82 at the airport. before the clouds got thicker. morning lows, from 50 to 65 degrees. right now most of the rain is in the 70's. once again, the orange is in virginia. with a couple of exceptions, the temperatures were close to 80. that is where the warmer and more humid air is. the we are just still qualifying for this cooler air mass. the really hot and humid stuff. high humidity in the mississippi valley. here is what the satellite looks like. more storms popping up to the west. with this storm system coming in over night and tomorrow, hanging around, it will be different situation. the map this evening shows that front getting closer, dragging the rain chances with it. but hot and humid air looks like it will stay on the other side of the mountains. in the tropics, talking about hot and humid air, apparently just south of jamaica circulation is evident. this could develop over the next couple of days. mostly cloudy skies tonight. 58 degrees to 63 degrees. mostly cloudy skies a
this driver could have survived this thing. trace has this unbelievable story. wait until you see the pictures and video from that. >>> if you're looking forward to retiring, think again, folks. a shocking new report details just how long all of us may have to work to keep the lights on at home. lou dobbs joins us with more on that, and what is a fear that many have that may be a new reality. martha: hr-rbgts here comes the good news, folks or maybe not. serious new warnings today about your retirement, an eye opening study says that some folks may have to work well into their 80 it is they want to provide for any kind of golden years, i guess that comes after that. lou dobbs joins me, host of lou dobbs. who is way far away from retirement! lou, this is a pretty grim scenario. >> it's not retirement age! the truth is, that this projection of 80 for people to retire is really very much a troubling report, because there's so much truth behind this, so few people have enough money to retire, and so also buried in these numbers is another consideration, that is that people 55 and older in this pro
't found traces of this particular virulent strain of e. coli in that farm in lower saxony in the north of germany, which is closed. but they've done tests of the sick people, what people had, that kind of thing. and they reckon you were nine times more likely to fall ill from bean sprouts than from other vegetables. therefore, they've concluded it's the bean sprouts. the absence of that laboratory test, hard evidence linking those particular bean sprouts to the e. coli may simply be because the traces have now gone. remember, it was all of three weeks ago, but they still think that farm is probably the cause , and they certainly think the bean sprouts are the source. >> there's been enough toing and froing on this. this sounds as close as we'll get to a definitive view, perhaps, and i suppose it's going to get start to get more antagonism between germany and certainly not spain, but some other european countries. >> yeah, i think it is as close as we're going to get, and there is a political momentum to this now. chancellor merkel came back from washington 24 hours ago and said basical
et country music super star... trace adkins is picking through the rubble of his tennesse home... aater it bbrned can see smoke pouring out ... as the roof firefighters worked hard to put out the fire ,... dousing it with water. officials believe it was caused byythe dryer fallinggover ... causing an explosion. no one was hurt. it's the deadlist e-coli outbreak in history.. and it's happening right now in europe. and sometime today.. after several days of specuuation.. we ay know the source of the infection..erman scientists are exxecting definitive test reeults today... about which far.. 22 people are deaa.. and hundreds of others across the continent are still sicc this morning.17 of them got sick after eating at this german restaurant. originally.. scientists suspected lettuce.. cucumbers and tomatoes.but it looks like now.. it coulddbe bean sprouts. p so is thii just aa eurrpean problem, or does it &ppean our food here is at risk &p joel d. smith is live just outsidd our studios in pnswers straight from the - we're looking for the bes
but still provides the critical 48 hour trace back guarantee. regional reporter michelle rourke take itself from here. >> reporter: many were relieved when the u.s.d.a. gave up the animal identification system and gave the power to the states. >> with technology we think the states can work together and then they can feed it forward and we can take it from the state its, to the federal and that's a better plan than having it jammed down our throat from the federal regulators. >> another advantage is there are already many identity programs in state. with u.s.d.a. lets a variety of meth odds that should lower the cost. >> we identity our home raised cattle through tags, tattoos, a number of ways, branding i guess is a way, we also use the id tags. >> under the system livestock only has to be identified if they are move across state lines for commerce. however that increases concern the program will move away from a voluntary approach. >> if you look at the details they don't say mandatory but when you talk about crossing state lines that's going to be a def action cto -- defacto mandato
in duct tape. it happened on the 1300 block of levis street northeast. tracee wilkins joins us live this morning with more on this investigation. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: let me show you the row home where this investigation is happening. right there where the front door is open, that's where police are focusing their investigation. as you can see here, police are still on the scene. they still have the crime tape up, and this man was discovered at 6:00 p.m. yesterday. here's what police are saying right now. they're saying they were called here for the report of a homicide. this man was found duct taped in the basement of the home. at this point, there's nothing in the report explaining the manner of death here. we don't know if there was a weapon involved. there isn't one mentioned in the report. so police are still investigating to find out exactly what happened here. they are ruling it a homicide. neighbors tell us that this man was lived in this home for several years. they also tell us that just a few days ago, some kind of an incident happened in this home where the
. the pentagon was one of those targets last year, and that's where news 4's tracee wilkins is this morning. she joins us live. good morning, tracee. >> good morning, joe. very interesting turn of events. when these shootings first happened earlier this year, the fbi came out with a profile, describing who they believe their suspect would be. it appears that yonathan melaku fits that profile. melaku owned the suspicious vehicle that was parked near the pentagon last friday that resulted in traffic around the pentagon being shut down. melaku was later found inside arlington national cemetery during the overnight hours. he was taken into custody, and is now being held an unrelated charges for vandalizing and stealing from cars in loudoun county. now officials are preparing to charge him for a series of shootings at military installations that happened during the overnight and early morning hours in november and october earlier this year. the targets included marine military offices, the national museum of the marine corps in virginia, and also the pentagon. sources say ballistic tests are linking
the story first at 5:00. tracee wilkins is live in falls church with a look at the damage there. tracee, good morning to you. >> this is a very unusual situation, because this is a gated community. and we have new information. i just spoke with fire investigators and they believe that this is an act of arson. take a look here behind me. as you can see, those are the three vehicles caught up in this fire. let me give you a closer look at what we're dealing with here. investigators say that they believe that this fire began with the bmw, which is the car to the far left here. and then the nissan truck and the volvo next to it got caught up in the flames, after the bmw was set on fire. so now they're trying to figure out exactly who's responsible for this, and how this all happened. so the investigation has now moved on into its next phase. this happened in the 2200 block of george c. marshall drive here in falls church. as you said, this is a gated condo community. so, maybe whoever got in here had access to this facility and then made their way in and set these fires. that's going to be
, and that includes the fourth of july, independence day. news 4's tracee wilkins joins us live from the national mall with more on this new report. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning, joe. it's not anything anyone likes to hear. we would like to prepare for these holidays without thinking of the possibility of a terrorist attack, but that is the world we live in today. preparations are already under way for the folk life festival, but, yes, so is the potential for terrorist attack. news 4 has obtained a copy of the latest homeland security and fbi warning against the war on terror. according to that document, since february of 2010, the u.s. government knew about al qaeda's potential plan to attack large groups of people in the u.s., specifically gathered on u.s. independence day. while the alert goes on to say there's no credible information on a specific target, d.c. is taking precautions, especially with the weekend of the fourth approaching. metro expects 500,000 to 600,000 customers system-wide on the fourth of july. there's going to be additional staffing there and also security me
that could make those delays history. news 4's tracee wilkins is live at the forest glen metro station where some of the weekend track work will begin later tonight. tracee, good morning. stkpwhror, good morning, joe. they said they could speed up work and it could be a lot safer if they closed more stations during this weekend work repair as opposed to just single tracking them. it's something they're considering. metro is undergoing a $5 billion capital improvement project that will repair the system while making it safer and more reliable. metro officials argue single tracking is not safe for workers. it drags some of these projects out. single tracking won't go away completely but would decrease. so as these projects increase the next year weekend riders will have to pay a lot of attention to which stations are actually closed. they will provide shuttles. metro officials are saying they could actually up the time these projects are going to be completed if they could go ahead and close stations completely. they could get more work done. they could be slated to be completed more than a ye
, to subdue him but he drew the gun and fired. trace is live on the west coast. protests so far, have they been calm? >>trace: very calm in stark contrast in oakland, california, after he was sentenced. so far, in northern california, and southern california, there have been small protests and they have been calm. which is not to say the protesters are not angry. they are. for a couple of reasons. he only served one of the two years and he did not serve any of that time in state prison, he served it all in the los angeles county jail so now, some protesters are asking for the department of justice to file federal charges against the police officer. he is the family of oscar grant. >> we never received an apology from the officer. we have never seen him in any way express any apology for what he did. >> he still facing civil charges in this case, civil suit in this case. >>greg: some of the critics say he got off easy, but not everyone feels that way? >>trace: he got two years in county jail and he served one of the years that was one of the heaviest sentences ever in california for
miles away. trace, how fast is this growing, trace? >>trace: well it is growing at breakneck speed 52,000 acre as day. that is 83 miles, four times the size of manhattan. right now, the big concern is the wind. we had 60 miles per hour gusts yesterday and 40 miles per hour today and they expect 40 mile per hour guests again tomorrow and the real danger here is the winds are not blowing in one direction so it is hard for them to get in front of this and it is shifting and as we have seen in the past that is very dangerous for the 2,500 firefighters now on the scene. >> it is a very dangerous fire. the burning conditions are very volatile. and entire hill sides are igniting, and wind like this from my 34 years of experience i have never seen it, i just say a prayer. i hope they all come back tonight for food. >> this is the second largest fire in arizona history, half the size of the largest one, but zero percent containment. >>shepard: on the move. how close to the state line in >>trace: well, it is very close to the state of new mexico and there are some voluntary evacuations in the s
last night. tracee wilkins is live with the latest details. >>> good morning, joe. police are still here on the scene. this all unfolded 7:30 yesterday evening. as you can see we still have police officers here. detectives have still been going in and out of the house continuing their investigation. let me show you what happened here literally just a few minutes ago. one of the detectives had a vehicle towed from in front of the home here, taken away. we don't know what that plays in all of this or who the vehicle belongs to but they did tow it away. they are releasing very little information at this point. 7:30 yesterday police were called for the report of an injured child. they discovered the body of a child inside. now, we do know that is a girl. it's been ruled suspicious. they are investigating it it as homicide. we don't know how long that body was inside the home. police are awaiting autopsy results to give them that information. they're also not releasing any suspect information, only saying they're interviewing witnesses, including family members, neighbors and also friend
in a motorcycle crash. >>> the ramp from inner loop to river road is closed. tracee wilkins joins us live with the very latest. good morning, tracy. >> reporter: good morning, joe. yes, this was a double fatal accident. look behind me. you can see state troopers are still on the scene investigating. as you said, a man and woman killed. both on that motorcycle. this was a single motorcycle crash. in other vehicles were involved. but because of that the ramp has been closed all morning long. this happened at 2:50 a.m. if you're trying to take the inner road exit you'll not be able to enter at this point. with more information on exactly how to do that jerry edwards will have that for us in just a bet. live on the beltway. back to you all in the studio. >> all right. tracee, that you can. tell us about how to get around this mess. >> you have a couple options. it is going to cause delays. take the inner loop north on the 270 spur. after that, turn around and go south. that will make the trip a little bit easier for you. stay with theern loop georgetown road inner loop to wisconsin avenue are
or movie deals to repay his victims. and now, trace, his trial is set for july 11, does that mean a deal will not happen? >>trace: just the opposite. his defense attorney now thinks a plea deal is closer than ever and reportedly this deal could be done by the end of the day. they are in the talking about what the plea deal would exactly include but it would knock down many of the charges against him and keep in mind, prosecutors just wanted to make sure that at in point in time will he profit from the crimes. we spoke to his per today, you remember her, she says her son has the i.q. of einstein and he should be sentenced to the military rather than prison. listen. >> he would be great in the military and it would not be a burden on the taxpayers. and he could ... learn how to fly or get his pilot's licenses and do something good for the country. >>trace: he knows how to fly. he's just having trouble landing the apes that he steals. >>shepard: i talked to her in an interview on this program, she was talking about how proud she is, that he can flies, but now he faces a lot of charges. how
shown no trace at a deadly bacteria at a sprout farm in northern germany. authorities say that doesn't rule it out as a source of the infection. officials say there's a direct link between the sproud company and people getting sick. cnn's fred ply kin is following developments for us. it's fair to say the test results are inconclusive at this point, only 20 of the 40 samples have been tested. >> yes. they're absolutely inconclusive. as you said, so far there are no stras is of that e. coli bacteria in the sprout form. authorities are saying they wouldn't be surprised if they don't actually find any e. coli traces in the sprouts there right now. they believe the sprouts in question, if indeed this was just one, if you will, bad batch of sprouts would have been produced about a month ago. all of that would, by this point in time, been sold off to restaurants and to private people as well. one of the things that the authorities say is what they have is very strong circumstantial evidence because what they did is they went to all the people who got sick. they talked to them and asked the
a townhouse on raven avenue. tracee wilkins is live with the latest. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning, joe. we are learning a little bit more about this family. neighbors tell me there was a husband and wife and grandmother who lived inside this home with a couple of kids. now we know more about the family. taking a look over here, montgomery police are still standing by on this still very active crime scene. this is what happened shortly after we arrived this morning. montgomery county police took away a vehicle this morning and towed it as efpdz but did not say what part it was playing in this investigation. that was one of the few details we were actually able to witness in association with this investigation. police have been releasing very little investigation. what we know is yesterday evening at 7:30, they had a report of an injured child. it's been ruled suspicious and is since ruled a homicide. they don't know how long that body was inside. they say they're awaiting an autopsy to give them more information on that. they don't have any information at this point on susp
strategy it hopes will make frustrating waits a thing of the past. tracee wilkins is live where weekend track work will begin tonight. hi, tracee. >>> good morning, joe. they're still going to single track here. whole stations possibly closing. this happened after memorial day weekend when they looked how great it was on the blue and orange lines they were able to get a lot done. they're saying maybe we should do this all the time instead of single tracking. metro will rewear the ward system while making it safer and more reliable. single tracking is not safe for workers and also drags projects out. single tracking won't go away but would decrease. so as these projects increase over the next year, weekend riders will want to pay attention to which stations are actually closed. shuttles will be provided to get folks around the closed stations. by closing the stations, instead of single tracking they could possibly improve the schedules for when these projects will be completed. in some cases by more than a year. tracee wilkins live in montgomery county. back to you all in the studio, joe
accident. tracee wilkins joins us live from the scene with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: maryland state police are saying that this was a double fatal accident. police are still here on the scene. take a look here behind me. you can see they do have the ramp from river road -- or the ramp from the beltway on the inner loop to river road closed here. the accident happened happened in the lower portion of the ramp. this is one of the longer ramps off the beltway. the investigation is still continuing. at this point police tell us they're looking at one single motorcycle with two people on the motorcycle who were killed in this accident. we don't know how long the road will remain closed. if this is your normal exit know it is closed for now. for more information go to jerry edwards. >>> show you on the map the scene of the accident. these are live pictures. ramp from the inner loop to go on to river road remains closed. what they're telling tracee it's going to be for some time. start planning alternate routes. once you get past the exit for river road, the only thing you can do is
virginia. tracee wilkins is live outside the pentagon, one of the targets of those shootings. >> good morning, eun. when these shootings first happened last year in october and november, the fbi came together with a profile. and now it appears yonathan melaku, the 22-year-old of alexandria, may fit that profile. melaku owned the suspicious vehicle that was found parked near the pentagon last friday and resulted in a traffic jam around the area. after they shut down roads during the morning rush. police were led to the vehicle after melaku was discovered hanging out at arlington cemetery. he told them where the vehicle was parked and said he had bomb-making materials inside the vehicle. it was later discovered that those materials were not inside the vehicle and he was taken into custody. but on unrelated charges for vandalizing and stealing from cars in loudoun county. now, officials are preparing to charge him with a series of shootings at military installations. this is according to sources close to the investigation. the shootings happened in the overnight and early morning hours i
's said to be hiding in the woods. trace gallagher as more on the story. >> reporter: davidburger could be drawing police into a trap police fear because they believe he enticed deputies into the slow speed chase you mentioned. as the deputies started to converge on him he turned and fired three shots. the deputies fired back. he grabbed his gear and defendant his jeep behind. he fled into the woods. authority searched that jeep and in the engine compartment they found round, after round, after round of opl admonition. they checked a separate car tied to him and found more weapo weas and more ammunition. they believe there may be a third car tied to him in the woods where he is somewhere believed to be hiding. they believe he is also armed and ready for battle. this is a man, you see him right there was diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder. he's accused of conspiring to kill local police officers, judges. county prosecutors. he said he would below to war with the national guard. they are now looking for him in 65 different areas out there, 65 law enforcement personal also focusi
police are investigating a shooting that left a man dead on dellafield place near sherman circle. tracee wilkins joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: good morning, joe. it does appear, as we speak, police are focusing their investigation on one of the apartments here, inside this apartment building. we're told this all happened around 1:00 a.m. we're told multiple shots were heard fired here. when police arrived on the scene, they found one man, approximately in his 30s, who had been shot. he was transported to the hospital, where he died. this is all still under investigation. we're told that police do not have any suspects in this shooting. of course, they're going to try to figure out the motive for all of this, what led up to this shooting? i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in northwest. back to you all in studio. >> tracee, thank you very much. >>> funeral arrangements have been set for the nephew of maryland congressman ely gentleman cummings. the funeral for christopher cummings will take place in baltimore. cummings was killed in an apparent random shooting over the week
there will be a hassle. there is no parking and traffic expected to be a mess. news four's tracee well kins is live in bethesda now with more on the driving issues out there. good morning to you, tracee. >> good morning, eun. so far so good. but look, we are expecting 250,000 people to come down here and take part in the u.s. open. so how do you deal with that when you just have a two-lane highway getting folks in and out of congressional? well, you make sure that they don't drive here individually. and they don't park here. shuttles have been making their way in. they just opened the gates at 6:00 a.m. plenty of folks are on their way. they're getting here by shuttle only. that's the only way they're allowing folks in here. they're not allowing you to park anywhere near the actual golf course. so, here's the situation, you do have some options. there's parking at the montgomery county fair grounds, and also crown farm. the fair grounds is the preferred option for spectators traveling southbound on interstate 270. spectators traveling northbound on i-270 should park at crown farm on fields road. no
>>> tonight on a second look, four decades of pride. we trace the history of san francisco's gay pride parade and tell you about the 1977 crime that brought the entire city together behind the gay community. >>> plus we take you back in time to a san francisco institution. the nokios a place where things were not always what they seemed. >>> and we tell the story of oakland native gertrude sign who said there is no their there. when she said it and what she meant. >>> good evening i'm julie haener and this is a second look. san francisco held its gay pride today. it's an event that traces its roots back to 1970. as it has grown over the years so has the political and economic influence of san francisco's gay community. but it wasn't always so. in 2000, ktvu's bob mackenzie brought us a look at how things have changed for both the parade and the community. >> reporter: gay and lesbian people wouldn't have dared marched together in the street 15 years ago, let alone carry signs and wear the clothing. he says there was not hard finding gay bars. to go t.o. gay bars or to a gay party
as mexican drug cartels bought guns in arizona and used the same guns which they have traced to kill people on both sides of the border, victims that include this man, u.s. border agent brian terry, who was killed six months ago by mexican drug gangs. take a listen. all of this has been rivetting. this is some of today's most dramatic testimony from senator charles grassley, who launched this initial investigation and also you'll hear from members of the terry family. watch this. >> at least for today let's just listen to these agents and let's just listen to this family and hear what they have to say. let's hear their stories and hear it loud and clearly. >> what makes brian's death so shocking to his family is that he did not die on a foreign battlefield. he was killed in the line of duty as a u.s. border patrol agent. he died not in iraq or afghanistan but in a desert outside of rio rick could he, arizona, some 18 miles inside of the u.s. mexican border. his killers were not taliban insurgents, or al-qaida fighters, but a small group of mexican drug cartel bandits, heavily armed with ak-
by helicopter. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. >>> an out on of-control wildfire in eastern arizona. wallow fire burned 350 square miles as of this morning. smoke and haze are spreading across several states and seen as far away from iowa. 2,500 firefighters are fighting strong winds, hot weather and lightning out there. so far no serious damage or injuries have been reported. >>> it's 69 degrees outside right now. and we are at the beginning of a heat wave. we have a nice day yesterday, tom. but things are changing. and the humidity is back too. >> yeah, it is. we will see the humidity really build tomorrow. it's pleasant as you head off to work and school very early this tuesday morning. we're near 60 degrees in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery as well. 60 degrees. it has dipped into the upper 50s in a few isolated plates across maryland, virginia, eastern shore. northern neck reporting low to mid-60s. upper 60s on the waters. over the last 12 hours we have had a mostly clear sky. we have a cluster of thundershowers in southern ontario producing a few high c
. >>> they traced the e. coli outbreak to a bean sprout farm in germany. they say traces of the deadly strain were found in the family's garbage bin. the deadly bacteria killed 31 people, sickened more than 3,000. experts aren't sure whether all of the tainted sprouts are out of circulation, and it is possible some are still being used by restaurants in the region, may have come in contact with other vegetables causing it to spread more quickly. >>> and rain continues to fall over the already hard hit flood region of china. 12 inches of rain fell in four hours. the highest recorded amount in 200 years. the flood is forcing ma mass evacuation and cutting power to many areas. people are affected by the high water and there have been at least 54 deaths there. >>> in health watch, newborns in hospitals in europe get the classics as they drift off to sleep. oh, it is lovely. staff at the hospital in slovakia have been playing music from classical composers since 2003, part of a special program. look at the big head phones on them. doctors say music acts as replacement for the mother's voice, helps the
hours ago. tracee wilkins is live on the scene with the latest. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. we were told this man was armed. when police confronted him he was shot. joining us live to give us more information on exactly what's going on with this investigation is sergeant tkaeuft schlosser. what can you tell us about what's happening in the park? >> about 1:30 this morning, park police officers patrolling haines point encountered one vehicle with one person in it. this person was found to be holding a handgun when they approached the vehicle. the person got out of the car. as the officers were speakinging with this person it resulted on the officer shooting on him. >> so at this point no idea why this man was in the park or armed. and he was by himself? >> he was by himself on haines point. they're working on the background on what happened here. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. as you heard
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